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24-Hour Gym Memberships
1 Year Paid-In-Full
Single     $329
Couple    $527
Family    $846

1 Year Electronic Funds Transfer 
(Checking and Routing Information preferred) 
​Single    $34.99/mo for 12 mo
Couple    $57.49/mo for 12 mo
Family     $79.99/mo for 12 mo

6 Month Electronic Funds Transfer
(Checking and Routing Information preferred) 
Single     $41.99/mo for 6 mo
Couple    $64.99/mo for 6 mo
Family    $87.79/mo for 6 mo

Month to Month
​Single    $54/mo
Couple    $78/mo
Famiyl    $99/mo

Gym and Tan
1 Year EFT $50 + tax

*All memberships require a 1-time $20 enrollment fee per person upon registration 

Day Pass $5

Already have a gym membership somewhere else? No problem, we will give up to 6 months credit of your current membership, towards a new one at BeagleFIT.
Put our expertise to work for you. At BeagleFIT, we are proud to have a wide variety of services to fit your health and fitness needs. Alongside our 24-hour gym, we offer personal training, RMR testing, diet and workout plans, personal training, massage, child care, tanning salon, and hair salon.
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Membership and Services
All classes are included in active memberships

Class drop-in $5

Class punch card (10 punches) $40

*For current class schedule, please visit the 'Class Schedule' page
Personal Training Services
All new members receive a free assessment upon sign-up. Schedule yours at the front desk today!

1-Hour Sessions
1 Session $40
5 Sessions $180
10 Sessions  $320
20 Sessions $560

1/2-Hour Sessions
1 Session $24
10 Sessions $210

1-Year Weekly EFT
$30/week for one weekly session

Tape Measurements- Free

Electronic Body Fat Measurement- Free

Body Fat Caliper Test- 

RMR Test- $60
    This is a medical-grade breathing test that measures your resting metabolic rate. By measuring your RMR, paired with your daily activity, current weight (and goal weight if weight loss is desired), we can calculate the EXACT amount of alloted calories you should be consuming each day! This test is extremely beneficial! Stop by the front desk today to set up an appointment!

Diet and Workout Plans
Our personal trainers can tailor a diet and/or workout plan to fit your health and fitness goals

Diet and Workout Plan- $50
Diet OR Workout Plan- $30

1/2-Hour Massage- $25
1-Hour Massage- $50

*Contact Melissa at (231) 660-3773 to schedule your appointment
B-Tan Tanning and Spray Salon
Unlimited Tanning
$20/month + tax

Minute Packages
100 Minutes $20+tax​

​​Airbrush Tanning by appointment

Full Body $30
Upper Body $20
Legs Only $15
Face Only $12

Full Body $35
Upper Body $25
Legs Only $18
Face Only $15

True Rapid
Full Body $42
Upper Body $35
Legs Only $25
Face Only $20